Reshape & Resize Shapes & Sizes Contest
The Elite Bloggers (aka our esteemed judges)


Jeff Bess @ The DIY Rockstar
A music blog focused on covering independent music and the culture that surrounds it through interviews, reviews, and daily commentary.


Craig Bonnell @ songs:illinois
illinoisMostly music musings on new and old releases, current favs and live shows. Focusing on the oft neglected genres of folk, americana, alt-country, freak folk, singer-songwriters and balkanized punk marching bands. MP3 downloads updated several times a week for eval purposes; please listen and buy. 


Niall Bryne @ nialler9
illinoisThere are only two kinds of music : good and bad. Eclectic Irish-based blog nialler9 features the good kind. Anything from indie to electronica to funk to French chanson and everything in-between is featured. Check it out. 


Kelly Casselman @ Villains Always Blink

villainsVillains Always Blink is a music blog with indie music news, cd and concert reviews, mp3s, and interviews. 


Chad @ Everybody cares, everybody understands

villains "After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley


Chris Catalini @ Gorilla v. Bear
"The greatest blog, ever!" says Gorilla vs. Bear's mom.


Ben Cohen @ Ben Loves Music


Ryan Cornwell @ Catbird Seat
Since 2002.  Indie rock and stuff.  Monthly podcast.  No filler. 


Marcy Cornell @ Lost in Your Inbox
I've got a what I'd call a DIY site, pretty lo-fi. I post about indie rock/pop, experimental, alternative, folk, electronica--music that means something to me personally, not necessarily the latest, most recently available. Current favorite artists include Sunset Rubdown, Lily Allen, Juana Molina, James Figurine, Andrew Bird, Cloud Cult, and anything by Sufjan (of course). And I just discovered the brilliance of My Brightest Diamond. Sounds serious, but I do this just for fun. And the love of the music, of course.


Dodge @ My Old Kentucky Blog
Stop being spoonfed the shiz big radio is shoving down your throat. Find out where the real music is. Some of the best music on the web, right here at MOKB.


Morgan Engle @ Kingblind
Based in Seattle, WA, is your daily source for: Music news, album & concerts reviews, MP3's, music videos, concert promotion and much more! 38 writers in 8 countries contribute. 


Eric Hamilton @ Knobtweakers exists to promote electronic music, and to share the rich culture that surrounds it.


David Gutowski @ largehearted boy
Largehearted Boy is a music blog with a literary twist featuring daily free and legal music downloads as well as news from the worlds of music, literature, and pop culture. 


Cindy Hotpoint @ The Rich Girls Are Weeping
The girls are wise, and they're on to you. MP3s and commentary from the corner of 6th and Red River -- or Ludlow and Houston -- wherever we are hanging out this week. 


Kane Jamison @ Burning Oak features a variety of content, with an emphasis on mp3 downloads, live music, music news, jam bands, world music, indie bands, and anyone else with an original approach that I like.  The site also features the occasional post about beer, comedy, or sports, since I like those a lot, too.


Eddie Jennings @ Another Form of Relief
A UK based music blog, detailing the very best in new music, as well as reviews and the odd indie interview.  Occasionally veers into rants about politics or film.  


Taylor Johnson @ Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good
Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good is a music blog that focuses on the best music in the Indie genre and targets a young demographic who are passionate about music. The name of the blog, and much of its design and layout is based on the cult movie, Zoolander, which takes a satirical look at the fashion industry. Similar to the lighthearted tone of the movie, (which is its location on the web) is written in a more casual tone and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's goal is to spread the word about great music while being an enjoyable read for its viewers. 


Matt Jordan @ You Ain't No Picasso
You Aint No Picasso is a pop-focused blog from Lexington, Kentucky.


Joe Long @ Each Note Secure

Each Note Secure is a music blog that started our rather innocent andgrew into something I have lots of passion for.  I do my best to give musicians a voice that might not have it otherwise while also gushingabout some musicians that dont need the attention but that I adore.


Alex Poska @ Giant Body of Water

Great Body of Water Music Blog reaches out to the younger genreation as well as all music lovers posting a mix of indie rock, indiepop/twee, and emocore. Through interviews we get up close and personal with some of the budding talent in the independent music world and every Sunday we feature our clap-tastic segment called "The Sunday Clap".  


Angela Seto @ But She's On Fire!

A mix of old and new pop, rock, Canadian and local (Calgary, AB) music that tickles my fancy. 


Mike Smith @ Nothing But Green Lights

A UK based and UK-centric mp3 blog showcasing new indie, folk, electronic and electic music that the author is truly excited to hear. He only post music that he has his heart set on. Even better, all the tracks are legal download. Mike is also the creator of the "Take Your Medicine" podcast. One of the UK most popular music podcasts. 


Matt Tyson @ EarFarm

EAR FARM is a New York City based music blog started in October of 2005. The site compiles music related links from news outlets/other music blogs, runs weekly features such as 8+, Overlooked Albums from the '90s, and Weekend Live Music, and highlights new bands/artists from around the world (with a focus that's slightly slanted towards New York City bands). 


Stephen Woodward @ Domino Rally

Domino Rally is an mp3 blog from the UK which started in March 2005. The contributors are all members of UK indie band Johnny Domino and use the site to engage in musical one-upmanship amongst themselves. MP3 face-off! 


Tim Young @ The Face of Today

Tim Young writes for the blog ‘the face of today’ and manages the weekly ‘contrast podcast’ that combines the musical choices of mp3 bloggers and podcasts from all over the globe. Tim also sings and plays guitar in the London based band ‘Cut’.”